Three Vital Focuses for the Return to a More Improved Office Atmosphere

Things your business can work on now to make the return from COVID-19 not a new normal, but an improved normal.

While business might be slower or seeing a decrease, maybe some are focusing on improving their current processes. Some are focused on cleaning and updating their databases while some are working on the things that are always at the bottom of the priority list.

Here are three ideas your business can be focusing on to make your return to regular business even more efficient, profitable, and overall stronger.

1. Improve Streaming & Web Conferencing Capabilities

It has been made clear who has strong streaming capabilities and who does not through social distancing and the work at home atmosphere. Due to COVID-19 more and more people and businesses will be looking into web conferencing even when we get back to our regular scheduled programming. Digital communication can be a very efficient way to continue our business practices and even expand them.

This means you will need to be prepared for conferencing capabilities in the future, zoom might not be enough for you. Some businesses require or desire more professional sound and video for their conferences, meetings, and events. Looking for a studio or technology partner to help you deliver your messages professionally can ensure you to stand out amongst the crowd of web conferencing happening everywhere.

2. Better Meeting Spaces

Construction and telecommunications are still essential businesses. Making improvements to your facility or finding a facility to support your businesses needs can become essential during this “improved normal”. Whether you would be meeting with your employees or your customers, you must provide a great space with all of the capabilities you need to send your message.

3. Fix Broken Equipment and ORGANIZE

You know that one par light that has been sitting on the broken desk for the last 8 months just gathering dust? You know all of the cables that were thrown into the bin that you said you would get to later, then the shutdown happened? You know how you can never find that specific Allen Key?


We all know events are scarce right now and there is not much field work to be done, so now is the perfect time to improve your equipment, warehouse and office. Repair all of your broken equipment, clear out all unnecessary and unrepairable equipment, organize the warehouse and finally sweep those floors, organize your paperwork, improve your tracking system; there are so many things that could be accomplished to make the return simple and efficient as well as prepare you for the hopefully busy season in the future. Events will come back, and they will come back strong.

The Improved Normal.

Looking forward, we believe many businesses will come out of this unprecedented time in history more efficient, with new outlooks, and better ideas about how to connect with clients, audiences, and employees. It is a perfect time to make sure your equipment and technology matches the future.

If you are looking for a studio with heightened technology or in need of a meeting space that’s virtual ready, The Lab at Q Audio Visual is for you. The Lab is designed to hold a meeting, webinar, or event with integrated AV and technicians and extra equipment available upon request.

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