Virtual Events are the way of the future. Connect your presenters to your audience in the “new normal”, from anywhere around the globe. In a rapidly changing world, people still need people. This allows us to communicate and ‘come together’ in new and exciting ways.

This also opens up the door for totally innovative and unique sponsorship and viewership opportunities not available in the past.

Hybrid Events are the best of both worlds.  Some of your guests may not be able to attend in person for various reasons, while some can.  A Hybrid style event can help connect the in person guests to the virtual ones while everyone shares the experience of the event.

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“QAV’s virtual event center was clean, professional and well thought out. Our viewers absolutely loved being able to watch and participate in an interactive way from all over the country.” 

Leah L.
Great Lakes African American Writers Conference

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events have the best of both worlds. Your event ‘live’ and in person, while connecting to a virtual audience or including a remote presenter.

This allows for those who can’t attend in person to interact with those in the room and vice versa.  

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“OMG. This was such a cool way of doing it. We knew getting together once again would have it’s challenges, but we has no idea how to include those that couldn’t attend in person. This was a perfect solution and will use QAV again. Thank you!”

Mary S.
Financial Executives Institute