How to Modernize your Corporate Space with AV Design Trends.

The AV world is taking over the office space. Whether its an office for daily work, a conference room or a space for guests and customers to congregate, it’s time to join the AV of 2020. But with so many audio-visual industry trends, which is right for your next project? Although every corporate space is different but here are a few ways to upgrade your space.

1. Create an interactive video wall.

In interactive video wall creates a new dynamic for your space. They have the potential to generate high-impact visuals that capture visitors’ attention and elevate a space. Reasons for using a video wall include the ability to customize tile layouts, greater screen area per unit cost, and greater pixel density per unit cost, due to the economics of manufacturing single screens which are unusual in shape, size, or resolution. Another thing that makes these displays so incredibly effective is their flexibility. An Interactive Video Wall can serve as the perfect solution for those looking to engage passers-by, increase footfall or enhance the sales experience by host engaging games for your visitors to play, giving the customers a new way to shop or guiding them through large format video tours using a swipe of a hand.

2. Liven up your art.

When you walk into any building, about 99% of the time, there is artwork placed around the building. There are statues, paintings, pictures and more. Designers use art to evoke emotion or set a particular tone within corporate buildings. Today, art and technology mix beautifully. When you use digital art in a commercial space, the end result is a much wider array of art pieces that can be swapped out easily and quickly. Building owners can also exhibit work that’s meaningful in their business and enjoy an interior that’s more dynamic and interesting for anyone who passes by or stays for a while. Artwork is memorable as it is, but once technology is mixed in, whether its constantly changing the art work, a video of the drawing, or anything else they can set their minds on being on that screen, it creates an inviting, creative atmosphere that no other building can match.

3. Upgrade your TVs and displays.

One way to modernize a corporate space is by upgrading to the newest TV’s and displays. You can refresh their vibe and improve the ultimate visitor experience by strategically using TVs, monitors, and content throughout a building. Modern conference room design ideas always include video systems that can receive content from many sources and deliver it in just as many ways. Depending on the space, the size of the TV matters. Here at QAV, The Lab incorporates a 75 in TV to host your video conferences, virtual meetings, or in person content.

4. Lighting that isn’t natural.

Lights can have an enormous impact on individuals’ mindsets, productivity, and mood. More than anything, lighting impacts someone’s desire to stay in a space – or leave. Natural light is by far the best lighting that can achieve the highest positivity in guests, although artificial light can still be just as beneficial when natural light isn’t available. You can automate lighting, even down to brightening as the day goes on and dimming as evening approaches. You can add colors to create a specific atmosphere that you want your guests to see and feel or illuminate certain aspects of your building. Make your building stand out using lighting outside the natural.

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