Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Audio Equipment

Cleanliness is the most important part of getting the event industry back up on it’s feet. It Is important to have a plan for maintaining the cleanliness of your gear and warehouse. There have been countless recommendations on the best health practices such as frequently washing our hands, avoiding large gatherings and regularly disinfecting items we come in contact with. Audio Visual Equipment is designed to come into constant contact with people, so disinfecting, sanitizing and regular cleanings are a necessity.

Audio Visual equipment are made up of many different types of materials, and many common practices are actually damaging to your equipment, so your best option is always reaching out to the manufacturer to see what the best cleaning products are for each item. Most products can safely be cleaned with 70% concentration or higher Isopropyl Alcohol. Use disinfectant cleaners that are non-ammonium based (e.g. contains no ammonium chloride) and contain 2% or less sodium hypochlorite (e.g. 2% bleach, 98% water).

When cleaning the devices, make sure it is unplugged. Spray the cleaner on a cloth (lint-free, microfiber suggested) until damp.

*You should never spray the cleaner directly onto the product!*

Then use the cloth to gentle clean your product, and take another cloth to dry any marks or streaks.

Another thing you can do is to try to find innovative ways to keep the items properly cleaned and sanitized while out on an event. For example, use replaceable windscreens on mics and headsets. Many people use a microphone in the same time frame when there are many different speakers at a conference, or the family and friends’ speeches at a wedding, or all of the people brave enough to sing for karaoke night. You’ll be able to have each person not have to worry about contracting germs from the microphone after people have spoken into it as well as protects the material in the attached windscreen from being sprayed with harmful chemicals. Also, you should wipe down the body of the microphone after every use.

Your health and safety is the top priority. Keeping devices clean, especially those in high-traffic environments and high-use applications, is a crucial step in minimizing the spread of infections. Please contact us if you have any questions about cleaning a specific product.

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