Beaumont 2020

Beaumont was another school to hop on the train of the Drive-In Graduation. Beaumont partnered with Q Audio Visual and Landerhaven to create a drive-in style graduation that the Class of 2020 will never forget. Parents, families and friends lined their cars in the parking lot. Cars were covered in decorations, pictures and balloons to honor their graduating class.

With an LED screen, and stage built and ran by the QAV team, in the parking lot of Landerhaven, the graduates, families and friends watched a pre-filmed video of the students speeches and had each student walk up to the stage and received their well-earned diploma.

In addition to the already emotional night, there was a heart felt tribute to Kayleigh Mooney, who tragically passed at age 15, right before the beginning of her sophomore year. Her parents, Kevin and Jessica, and her brother, Nathaniel accepted her diploma on her behalf.

The class of 2020 at Beaumont made a significant mark on the world. Their drive-in graduation was live streamed and broad-casted for anyone to see and is still available to view at any time, any place.

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